I’m thrilled to be leaving this Sunday for a week away in the tropical Bali. However, the journey from conception of idea to arrival in my destination is proving to be quite the challenge.

This trip has been in the making since August 2008 when I purchased a charity ticket from the lovely team at Garuda Cardo through an Auction. $300 return to Jakarta! Not bad! This actually came at the perfect time as my friend was going to Indonesia in September and needed a friend to go on the trip. Sign me up!

Then fate happened to step in and decided I needed to slow right down. A 2m jump on a snowboard, 1 week of hospital and many x-rays later and I was in a back brace for the next 8 weeks. So, no Bali for me.

I recovered, I’m well and I have a deadline. February 21st 2010. The ticket must be used or it expires. Well I am certainly not one to waste especially in these crucial financial times. So I decided I must go it alone.

My friend believed she could save me from yet another solo trip by accompanying me. A girly holiday in the lap of luxury, relaxing on beaches and enjoying a good rest. Sounded perfect.

Again, fate steps in. My friend decides that really she can’t afford the trip after I spent 3 hours looking for flights for her and she would have to decline the offer to join me on this trip. A mere 4 weeks from the departue date and I was now friendless. Excellent.

EmoGirl_17_SadAndAlone-1.jpg image by aug292009

So it appeared that I may not ever get to Bali. But no. I stood my ground. I would not yield. “I will go to Bali alone and I will have a good time.”

Hotel booked just 3 days before I went, thanks to my amazing friend working at NRMA Travel, and it seems like all is well.


Welcome to Aneka Hotel Kuta

Final but very vital hurdle which must be faced before I am relaxing and having fun in the sun.


Now I’m not sure about all of you but I have heard that Garuda can be somewhat….. touch and go. Majority of the time all is well, but on the odd and very public occasion, they send the aviation industry into a frenzy.

I am hoping that after the hoopla I have been through to actually get this trip going, all will be safe, secure and things will run like clockwork. So slight anxiety which is odd for me as usually when flying I’m as calm as a Buddhist monk in the hills of Tibet. But I know that all fingers will be crossed and seat-belts will be fastened and eyes will be firmly shut!

Next stop…. BALI!

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