Sunday is just the best day to explore Sydney. Especially when it’s sunny with blue skies and you are surrounded by great friends.

I was lucky to have all these components working for me last Sunday 31st January 2010, to enjoy the best of what Sydney had to offer.

I started the day with a train ride to my favourite station Circular Quay, caught a Ferry to Mosman and checked out the shops. We then went off to the World famous Taronga Zoo to see Baby Luk Chai, elephant cutie!

Back on the Ferry at lunch time and then off to the IVY Marco Polo Pool for cocktails and chilled out tunes. Finishing the night in Martin Place with hundreds of cheering fans for Mr Roger Federers Australian Open Win.

Could one have a better day? Me thinks not!!

Details and a few tips for each venue and activity:

Ferry to Taronga Zoo

There is a direct ferry which goes from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo which takes aproximately 15 minutes and gives you stunning views of Sydney Harbour. However, it must be noted, when one arrives at Taronga Zoo and notices the sign advising that you have reached your destination, it is time to disembark. Do not do what my lovely friend Emma and I did and think that some nice chap will come and tell you it is time to get off. Two announcements were made and it was not until the ferry was pulling out that we noticed we should have gotten off. All was ok. Buses go regularly from the Mosman terminal and take you straight to Military Road and from there you can take another bus to the entrance of Taronga Zoo.

Ferry information:

Taronga Zoo

This Zoo has to have the most remarkable view in the world. The backdrop of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the brilliant blue ocean behind the giraffe or Bear enclosure. The Bird show is certainly a sight to see. Must remember to watch the birds and not the glistening sunlight on Sydney Harbour.

Little Baby Elephant, Luk Chai, is star attraction at the moment. See him and his friends having baths at 10.30am.

For information on tickets, show times and opening hours visit:

IVY -Marco Polo -Pool Bar

Sunday sessions at the infamous IVY are a must for any Sydney socialite. Cocktails, DJ, high fashion and all of this pool side! You can easily get caught up in the glitz and glamour and spend your afternoon show-boating and checking that your outfit is picture perfect. Alternatively, do what we did and jump right in. Get in the pool, cool off and frolic about. There is a great vibe and on this steamy Sunday there was no better place in Sydney.

For info on how to get into this exclusive bar:

Tennis in Martin Place

For large Scale events, the lovely City of Sydney Council set up a HUGE TV for all of us to come together and watch. We sat with 100’s of others to watch Federer take yet another Grand Slam title. The atmosphere was great and it provided the perfect wind down for our hectic Sydney day.

For more info on events happening in Sydney:


One thought

  1. sydney is really great especially cause you have all the buzz of a big city, the charm of the suburbs and the relaxed, holiday-like atmosphere of the many surrounded beaches


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