For Crying Out…. Massage

There is such a thing as too relaxed.... when a massage brings you to tears, it's time to get out!

Bart Simpson Monkey – Bali

Cheeky Balinese Monkeys. One did actually try to "Eat my Shorts". Cute and cuddly, but remember the sharp teeth!

Sunsets – All the Colours of the Rainbow

Sunsets! The most beautiful time of day. But how many colours does a sunset really have?

Pete in Sweden

Pete is an english bloke living in Sweden. He's enjoying the summers and the coffee breaks. Read why he loves living in Sweden.

Garuda Air- A-OK

My fears and apprehension for flying Garuda Air were unnecessary and unfounded. Garuda Air is A -ok in my book!

Everyone’s a Comedian in Mumbai

Rohan Joshi is a great comedian in Mumbai. Check him out on Indian TV in Times Drive India -

Chris – The Aussie Nomad

Chris - The Aussie Nomad- Travelling, blogging and twitting- interested in this? Chris is your man!