It had been 5 long years since  I had celebrated the National Day of my country in my own country. I had forgotten what it was like to celebrate with Australians, in the heat of Summer on our own turf.  So this year had to be a big one and 2010 certainly lived up. My Australia Day was jam packed full of Aussie goodness! Beaches, bikinis, Bondi and burnt to a crisp. What a day!

I wanted to also take this time to review  my last 5 Australia Days:

2006 – Delhi India.

I actually forgot it was Australia Day until the enving as it is also Indian Republic Day

2007 – London, England

Beers at 9am, watching the movie Chopper, singing the Anthem on the train and being denied from the Temple Walkabout. An English Australia Day with all the class.

2008 – BIG WHITE, BC, Canada

Working in housekeeping until 12pm, started drinking 12.30pm, BBQ outside our snowlobile hut. Riding a Snowmobile in my Australian Bikini before heading to Happy Valley Tavern, The Happiest Place on Earth! Freezing Cold, but we still wore our bikini’s and boardies.

2009 – Monterrey, Mexico

Student Exchange in Mexico with 35 other Aussie students provided us with an unusual setting for our Australia Day Celebrations. Triple JJJ Hottest 100 on the 25th (the day before due to timezones) and all day BBQ as we returned from a weekend in the dessert, followed by a Birthday Party/ Australia Day BBQ on the 26th. VB shirt was donned and beverages were consumed. FIESTA!


Bondi Beach, Havaina Thong Challenge (, Mr Muscle Sprout (, my best girls, sun, sand and fun!

My Day in point form:

  • Up at a ghastly 7am to get to Bondi by 9am for HAVAINA registration.
  • Met Mr Mark Bouris from the Australian Apprentice.
  • Ran around with Mr Muscle Sprout to promote the Amazing China Challenge (View the Amazing China Challenge 2010 adventure brochure)
  • Lazed on the beach with my lovelies
  • Attempted a world record with 1200 other Sydney Siders
  • Got snapped by 2day FM cameras and appeared on the website – – HOMEPAGE
  • Met with 2 other mates for summery lunch
  • MORE SWIMMING and more sun = more burn
  • Northies, Conulla at Night for Dancing with local mates

EPIC DAY! Amazing!

I am so lucky to have been able to share my National pride over 5 countries over the past 5 years. I must say though…. There is no place like home!

Thanks Sydney for a truly memorable Australia Day 2010

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