Australia Day is one of our greatest National Celebrations. It’s the day we all get together and feel proud to be called Australian! We have BBQ’s, parties, we drink a lot and we tend to sing. But what else do we do to revel in our country’s greatness.

This year I will be trying to break a World Record in honour of our great day at the HAVAINA THONG CHALLENGE, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!

Each year we attempt to set a new World Record for “The longest line of inflatable airbeds”. In 2009 we set the record in Bondi with 908.  So this year it is again to be held in Bondi and we need to beat the 4 other Australian states holding the event.

The locations for all the Havaina Thong Challenges in 2010 are:

NSW- Bondi

VIC – Torquay

QLD – Mooloolaba

SA -Glenelg

WA- Cottlesloe

Sydney is Australia’s largest city so we can’t let these small fry beat us. Otherwise we have to listen to the bragging for a whole year!

2010 Beach activities to include:

  • Giant Havaianas Inflatable Thong Race
  • Havaianas Dash For Thongs (Beach Flags)
  • Giant Havaianas Relay (Running Race)
  • Havaianas Thong Throwing Competition

    Whatever you do this Australia Day, Have fun, Be Safe and Be Proud to be an Aussie!

Visit to register or pop down on the day to try your luck.

$25 gets you entry to the activities on the beach on the day, A world Record certificate  (if we are successful, and Sydney will be!) and the giant inflatable Thong to laze about on the ocean all day!

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