The question was raised over dinner last night, in the wonderful BBQ King Restaurant, where is the best BBQ Pork in Sydney?

After wandering around Sydney’s CBD, and being faced with many sad CLOSED signs, we were lucky to stumble across the modest restaurant BBQ King. Situated on Goulburn Street and to the untrained eye it would seem just another Chinese restaurant, but no. This restaurant is very well known amongst it’s loyal Sydney followers and for good reason.

I believe the quote was “Best BBQ Pork in Sydney”.

That is a pretty big call. Sydney is full of amazing restaurants with much choice in the Asian cuisine category. I myself am a huge fan of the Marigold Yum Cha restaurants BBQ Pork Buns and BBQ Pork pieces (located next to Market City.) I am sure there are many other people out there with opinions on this matter.

BBQ Pork Bun

When it comes to food, it seems we all are experts. The conversation quickly stemmed to where to get the best culinary bites from around the world. Somehow, the conversation always came back to the BBQ Pork!

So enlighten me, Where can we find the best? Because I’ll be heading there asap!!

If you do like the sound of the BBQ King, head to:

or Marigold for those yummy pork buns:

Also why not ask on, for all the best travel tips!

3 thoughts

  1. This reply’s a bit late, but I’ll put it down anyway… BBQ is a true Sydney institution, but I find Chatswood BBQ Kitchen offers an equivalent standard at better prices. Top Choice in Burwood’s also not to be ignored, particularly as they’re one of the few places that do a BBQ goose!


    1. Never too late to comment!

      Thanks for the heads up. Chatswood and Burwood sound great and offer people who are closer to those areas the opportunity to enjoy great BBQ. I would travel to be honest to get to taste these delicious delicacies. Thanks again


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