Last night I stumbled across the documentary SALUTE. It was halfway through and I was captivated. A true story about one of the most influential moments in sporting history, but unfortunately for some of the wrong reasons.

Unforgettable ... Peter Norman on the victory dais in Mexico as Tommie Smith and John Carlos perform their controversial salute. Inset: Norman on the eve of the Sydney Olympics.

Many people will recognise this famous image of the 2 black american men who raised their fists wearing black gloves as they stood on the Olympic daïs. This bold, brave and daring move was something that the two men chose to do for themselves and their people. Little did they know how greatly it would affect the young Australian Athlete who shared the podium with them.

This film is dedicated to Peter Norman, a brilliant athlete whose life was changed when he won the silver medal at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968. Not recognised so much for his stunning achievement in track and field, but for taking part in such a strong cultural statement.

I was really moved by the story of Peter’s life and the way he accepted life and it’s people at face value. He didn’t make judgements on others, he didn’t feel anger at his loss of glory and he didn’t shun his country, though they shunned him. He stood up for what he believed in and left the rest in the hands of fate.


It’s so great that now this legend of Australian sport, and of Humanity, is being recognised.

Watch Salute. You will be inspired and moved.

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