Our first Traveller in the new Traveller Profile series is Graham Robertson from Canada.
Graham is also a Travel writer, focusing on Technology for the Travel Industry. His blog wWw.Projectwander.com hosts interesting articles, interviews and tips for the latest travelling gadgets, news and changes.

Learn more about why you should visit Canada, based on Graham’s recommendations:

  1. Name: Graham Robertson
  1. Occupation: Outbound operations supervisor & Writer forProjectwander.com
  1. Country of Residence: Australia
  1. Country of Origin: Canada
  1. email/contact/ website:

  1. Why do you love Travel?
    I love travel because people are always at their happiest when they are travelling. Working in the travel industry means I am around like-minded people all the time and it’s that kinship that keeps me coming back before. By kinship, I mean the bond all us travel people share.
  1. Favourite place in your home country and why? Long Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I think Long Beach really represents what Canada is to me, it’s laid back and has some of the best ecotourism in the area. Worth the long drive, plus you can make a stop at cathedral grove on the way: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/macmillan/

  1. Best place for tourists to visit in your country? Vancouver is a pretty obvious choice- great mountains, forests and ocean all in the same place. Theres a reason why it’s always in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world! I think if you’re going to the opposite side of Canada, Montreal is worth checking out. Interesting blend of cultures and people plus great food.

    1. What other country would you live in if you had to leave your country? I have already left my country for Australia, so definitely there. Looking at moving to the UK soon, excited to be in a place with so much history as I have always lived in very young countries.
    1. Favourite activity when around your city? I was actually from a very small town on Vancouver Island and there wasn’t too much on offer for tourism, but if I had to pick I’d say either whale watching or a cultural tour focusing on the Aboriginals of Canada and their history.

    1. Do you feel you know your country well, or is more exploring of your homeland needed? I think its very common for people to take their own country for granted and I am no exception. I have seen more of Australia than I have of Canada, but I do plan to remedy that at some point. I guess the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies here!
    1. Any warnings for travellers visiting in your country? Couldn’t really think of any serious warning for Canada. If you are from a warm country, don’t underestimate how cold Canada can be! Also, spring on the west coast means about 10 degrees, so dress warm and be prepared. That being said, our summers are quite nice and usually get up to about 24-28.
    1. Must see movie featuring your country and Why? For me, anything hockey related! This is actually a difficult question, Canada seems to feature in a ton of movies and TV shows as America due to the tax breaks we give the film industry. As for a movie actually featuring Canada, I am at a bit of a loss at the moment. I’m sure I will think of an awesome one in an hour or two!
    1. The must eat dish or delicacy of your country? Poutine! Its basically fries with gravy and cheese. For those that DONT want to die of a heart attack I would suggest some Westcoast smoked salmon. I haven’t found it better anywhere else in the world.

    1. The top three sayings to make travellers stay in your country easier? E.g. How much? Too expensive or Hello. Being that we speak english (for the most part) I will go with: “Eh?” “Where is the next Tim Hortins?” and “aboot”. I think you might only get those ones if you are actually Canadian.
    1. Best time of year to visit? This is debateable. I think winter (November to January) because I love Canadian winters. If you are not a fan of the cold, hold off until summer (June to start of September). Only issue with visiting in summer is your visit will coincide children’s summer break. Personally, I say go for the winter to get the full experience.

    1. The 4 words that best describe your country: Pure, friendly, & environmentally focused

    Also contact and follow Graham on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Grayum_ian

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