Unfortunately it seems that Aussies are getting quite a reputation for our travelling….. and more so for the trouble we get ourselves into once travelling.

With the likes of Shapelle Corby, Gregory David Roberts (Author of Shantaram) and ‘Bar Mat Mum’ gallavanting about, it’s not hard to see why this reputation has come to be believed.

According to an article today on Ninemsn – http://travel.ninemsn.com.au/blog.aspx?blogentryid=35510&showcomments=true,

the typical Aussie traveller, Wozza and Shazza can be found at 11am, half drunk, looking for some “real food” and sporting a well known Aussie phrase on their singlet. I must admit this is a tad cliche’d and a bit of a generalisation, but I have seen it.

Not all Australian travellers should be condemned by the minority who like to run around loud mouthing, drinking excessively and speaking in the broadest of broad accents. I do feel that when we travel abroad however, we should remember that we are not only representing ourselves, we are also representing our country. Of course people will always stereotype but let’s go back to the more favourable impression of Aussies with the hard working attitude, value of mateship and friendly smile.

Travel far and Travel wide, but please withold some of that Aussie pride!

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