My Australian Australia Day

Australia Day in Australia. A novel concept for a traveller like me

Melvin from Germany of

Melvin from Germany shares with us the best of his country. Melvin is a true expert on travel with a travel tips website, and 100's of countries under his belt. ASK MELVIN! @traveldudes

Havaina Thong Challenge at Bondi Beach, NSW

5 states go head to head to break the world record for “The longest line of inflatable airbeds”. GO NSW! Celebrating Aussie Day in a different way

Don’t judge a Traveller by their Backpack

Making a plan for your day is great, but if it includes blocking off possible friends and new experiences, then re think it. Luckily I opened my eyes and made some Awesome friends in Germany in 2006

Where is the Best BBQ Pork in Sydney?

BBQ Pork? Where is the best in Sydney? The great debate begins!!

Emma from Sydney, Australia

Emma Page from Sydney is our featured traveller this week. Emma loves Sydney's harbour and beaches, as well as it's fab bars with luscious cocktails.

Salute – To a great man, To a great cause

Sallute is the story of Peter Norman, one of Australia's greatest ever sports men whose achievements were shadowed by one of sports most famous moments. The black fist gesture at the Mexico City Games in 1968 changed the way sport, politics and culture interacted.