These two are taking the love of the outdoors to new heights!

couple caught having sex on Sydney clock tower

Today, Sydney was captivated by two young thrill seekers making love in the historic clock tower of the Broadway Shopping Centre. 


Clearly in view and not at all fazed by the growing crowds below, they shared their love with all of Sydney. The Clock Tower is situated above the Broadway Shopping Centre on Sydney’s Broadway Street, near the University of Sydney. This is a very busy traffic and pedestrian zone and not the place one would usually go to share such an intimate time.


The news has spread around Australia and the world as the buzz grows and the question mark over the identities of the two remains. Shout outs for the pair to come forward are being sent via social media, television and radio. WHO ARE THEY AND WHY DID THEY CHOOSE SUCH A LOCATION?


Hats off to them (well it is the least I can take off after their clothing removal efforts) for giving it a go. I guess it answers the question of “How shall we liven up this dull Tuesday afternoon?”


My final thoughts on the matter are  inspred by the words of Chief Wiggam from The Simpsons:

 “If it feels good, Do it!”

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