New Heights for Young Love

Young couple take the thrill of being caught to new heights!!

Sydney – South Coast of Australia

Sydney - South Coast of Australia - One of My Favourite Drives in Australia

Delhi Delights – My Top 8

My favourite 8 things to do and see when in NEW DELHI, INDIA!

Royal Bombay Yacht Club

The Royal Bombay Yacht Club which was established in 1846 is one of the most culturally interesting and beautiful buildings in Mumbai. A must see!

HOLA MEXICO – Film Festival, Australia

HOLA MEXICO FILM FESTIVAL - Australia 2009 Starts November 18th in Sydney, ends November 29th. Also in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane!

Taj Mahal: Twice in a lifetime Experience

The Great Taj Mahal. Some are lucky to see it once in a lifetime, I am blessed with the opportunity to see it for the second time.

Nepalese Home Stay

Staying in a Nepalese home and experiencing the true culture of the beautiful Nepal is a once in a life time opportunity.