I have just come across this post http://sify.com/news/Pink-taxis-for-women-now-on-Mexico-039-s-streets-news-Features-jkvpsofgbhh.html.


Puebla in Central Mexico now has Pink taxi’s with female taxi drivers for the comfort of women travelling in the city.


Women are reacting extremely positively to the latest trend in transport. “The people stop us on the street to congratulate us and the women ask us how they can request one of our units,` Lidia Hernandez, one of the cabbies with Pink Taxis, a company that says it’s the first of its kind in Mexico, told the Spanish news agency EFE.


Having lived in Mexico for 4 months, I can understand the need and desire for such a service. Women’s rights are not so openly discussed in Latin American countries as they are in Australia and other western countries. I feel as a woman here that I can speak freely and do what I choose to do as my government, colleagues, friends and family support me in that area. It is not always the case in Mexico. This service would allow women to feel more comfortable in their enivornment and in going about their daily activities.


There is also at times a protective attitude towards women and children, with families often feeling concerned when they are out on their own- especially at night. Some of the exchange students that I studied with experienced this when participating in a home stay as the host family would be concerned when they would travel alone.


I personally was not worried about travelling in Taxi’s or walking around the city alone when in Mexico but for some women it was a problem. I would not say that the streets were dangerous and every town was different, but to have the option would be great. If it makes people feel more comofortable and safe then it’s a great thing. A need has obviously been identified and this service is doing very well to satisfy the gap in the market.


I can also see the pitfalls of such a service and the negative effects it can have on the push for equality. Some might see it as dividing society and bringing to light some gender stereotypes. But the simple fact of the matter is that some places do have large differences between the genders and for the comfort of women and children within the society, a service such as this could be highly beneficial.


I would be happy to see pink Taxi’s bustling around Sydney. It would be fun! Girls night out, grab a  pink cab! But perhaps the debate and divisions it would cause would far outweigh the benefits and novelty.


Felicidades Mexico!! Well done! I hope that this initiative helps the women of Mexico feel happier, more comfortable and safer within their communities.

Women -only taxi's

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