Circular Quay Train StationYesterday, I had to do the Circle loop on Sydney trains due to silly trackwork on my East Illawarra line.


I didn’t mind the journey at all however as I was met by this stunning view.


How could one not look up when stopping at this station! It’s breathtaking.  The view is simply stunning. I was at the time reading Mao’s Last Dancer and was well and truly engaged but as soon as we pulled into the station I was pleasantly distracted.


I just sat there for the 3 minutes as the train waited for the busy Sunday stream of passengers and out the window with complete calm and serenity. Nothing to distract me. No thoughts to interrupt me except expressions of beauty and admiration.


I am so lucky to live in a city with one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. And to think, it’s only a train ride away.


Take the time to go an enjoy the simply beauty that is in your own home city or town.


Thank you Sydney. You have dazzled me once again.

2 thoughts

  1. I AGREE 100%.

    I often take the city circle line so I can sit back and take in the views at C.Q station in order to get back to work at wynyard.

    I don’t take it for granted. We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    If I was a tourist in Sydney, I would be amazed at the beauty that is C.Q station.


    1. We are very lucky aren’t we.

      I was reminded once again how lovely Sydney is when the sun came out as we arrived in Darling Harbour yesterday. We sat at a Harbour front cafe and just relaxed ann enjoyed a busy Saturday. The atmosphere is great.


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