One of my favourite blogs is by Mr Seth Godin, Marketing Guru. His daily insights into the world of marketing and the world in general are fantastic.


His one today came at a perfectly apt time for me as I have just oined Twitter and created this blog. It’ all about this LOOK AT ME! phenomenon that is happening all over the internet. It’s crazy! And it is so easy to be sucked in. I was…. am…


So, I would like to STOP worrying about how many comments I get, how many followers I have and how many people know my name. Instead I will focus on quality posts, blogs and thoughts. This blog is to tell people about my travels and to share my experiences. I want people to read them and take something away from it…. not simply click on it and raise my stats.


So quality over quantity is the motto of the day!


See Seth’s blog at


Today’s gem:


“Notice me”


If the new web has a mantra, that’s it.

So much time and effort is now put into finding followers, accumulating comments and generating controversy… all so that people will notice you. People say and do things that don’t benefit them, just because they’re hooked on attention.

Attention is fine, as long as you have a goal that is reached in exchange for all this effort.

Far better than being noticed:

  • Trusted
  • Engaged with
  • Purchased from
  • Discussed
  • Echoed
  • Teaching us
  • Leading

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