My dear friend Rich has just returned from one of the most incredible experiences of his life. Climbing Mt Kilmanjaro.


I am so inspired, amazed and unbelievably proud of the groups achievements. The amount of effort and time that went into the planning, organisation and practice for the trip is incredible. Not one thing was overlooked in the preparation for the big trip and it was a true success.

What I think is so incredible is that they organised the trip themselves. Although going with tour guides and having a prominent charity as the beneficiary, the rest was done by them. Flights, tour group planning, travel to and from the mountain, training, equipment, website, charity communication and fundraising. IT’S INCREDBILE!


I have always thought that oneday I would climb a mountain and last year when I saw Mt Kilimanjaro as I drove through the open plains of Tanzania, I knew this was the mountain for me. I am so happy that I now have a close friend who has done the trip before me and this has filled me with such an eagerness to get there and do it.


My friend Jarred and I are planning to do an 8 week trip next year in December with one of the main goals being to CLIMB KILI!

Again, what an achievement! Really. Congratulations team!

Here are a few words from the group and, most importantly, details on how to sponsor and donate to the charity “Help for Heroes.”


“Kilimanjaro 2009 – Many thanks from all the team for your support. We made £2000 for Help For Heroes which is brilliant. Of the team, Ian, Andrew, Brownie and Jo made Uhuru Peak at 5895 meters. I made Stella Point at 5756 meters and Kathleen and Pete…… made Gilmans Point at 5685 meters. Not bad when Everest base camp is at 5200 meters. Cricket played at Stella Point. (19,344 feet to be precise)

Or if you want to be the one to push us over the £1400 mark for H4H then this can be done at

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