So after 6 hours of travel ,again, and 2 hours of sleep I arrived in Chicago. A wreck! Exhausted, bit over it and 6 months of travel starting to hit me like a tonne of bricks- that’s it! Time to go home.


So I changed my flights in order to arrive home on Saturday not Monday and would surprise EVERYONE!


That afternoon, Memorial Day, I was lucky enough to go a little out of town to a stunning town called Wilmett to meet my PR Guru Mr Jim Martin and his lovely family. I was so lucky to have an evening with this kind family and learn a lot about my study area PR.


 One day in Downtown Chicago. It’s a fantastic city with amazing parks, buildings and great shopping. I enjoyed seeing the bean in Millennium park, the harbour and the river going through town. I also got to enjoy a famous Deep dish pizza pie- the best! But the rain came at 4pm and I had had enough, time to go back to my Cuz!


 That night I was happy to be back in Roscoe, Illinois for some well earned rest!



My last days were spent soaking up every last bit of fun I could with my cuz and just enjoying his company.


I was very lucky to get to meet the amazing man Gary Haun, who penned the book VISION OF THE HEART which everyone must read. ( Gary is blind and has not let that stop him one bit, he has climbed Kilimanjaro and swam with sharks, he is also a magician, but best of all he has the kindest heart! It was a pleasure to meet this wonderful man!


I also got to meet a few more of cuz’s wonderful friends like John and Doug and got to see where he grew up in Monroe, Wiscosin- home of the cheeses! James joined us again for my last day.


 There were many tears shed at that last time at the bus stop and the bus ride itself was difficult.


A 36 hour journey ahead of me but I was ready. It’s time to go home.

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