The trouble with travel for a flighty, spur of the moment and adventurous person like me is the planning of a trip.


I do love to adventure and trip around but to be bound by schedules and times and dates really does take a little bit of the excitement out of it. And yes, there is the option to “wing it” and just off and trip and see how you go, but there is always the initial planning of getting to the place before you can become foot loose and fancy free.

I am currently making plans to go to India for a wedding, Nepal to see a friend and then on to London, Scotland and Germany to see family and friends. Sounds like an amazing trip huh! But the problem is trying to arrange the dates, flights, locations and people so that it all fits neatly into a step by step travel path….. it’s not working!


There are some great websites like STA and Student flights which allow you to map out your trip. Trouble is, the computer then decides what the best route is for you- and does not take into account the time, cost or whether or not your Aunt Beryl will be in Scotland when the flight is best scheduled to arrive.


I know once it’s all planned and set that it will be fine and I will have a great time, but really and truly the amount of time and effort that goes into the planning process is crazy.


Sigh- the things we do for love.

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