I have stumbled across a new website due to my wonderful mentor pointing it out to me. EXPLORER GIRLS.

www.explorergirls.com is a girls only site, sorry boys. The site allows girls who love travel, adventure and meeting new people to create profiles and connect with other adventurous girls all over the world.

I was lucky enough to be in touch with the site director to talk about doing some writing for their online magazine and now I am hooked on the site! It’s so much fun! Maps of all the places you’ve been, your own bloging page, forums, emailing, PHOTOS and cool articles.

It also allows you to show whether you would house swap, meet up with girls in your city or theirs, and make travel buddies.

It’s great to have a place just for girls and focused on our keen interests!

I look forward to many more hours of blogging and connecting.  Now, just to get more girls on there for a wider network. SIGN UP LADIES!

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