Melburnian for a weekend

Saturday 24th Oct - Tuesday 27th OCt 2009 - Just under 72 hours, I was a Melburnian. AND I LOVED IT!

Annoying things about Travel

Good list of annoying things when travelling! It's true!

One little song can make one so happy

My favourite Indian song can bring such joy to my heart. Reminiscing now of my wonderful days in one of my favourite countries in the world!

Mexico is Pretty in Pink Taxis

Pink Taxi's in the city of Puebla in Mexico, specifically for Women. What a great idea!

Airport Travel with a Broken Back- Verdict: Not Bad!

Travelling with a back brace isn't so bad. Jetstar Airways are helpful, friendly and offer great service to inconvenienced passengers

Circular Quay -Greatest Train Station in the World

The view at Circular Quay Train Station is simply unmatched.

Look at me~ Look at me!

It's not just a popularity contest! Quality is important. Motto - quality over quantity