As promised to my friend about 5 minutes ago, I am going to write my first live post about a trip I will be planning to New Zealand for Snowboarding with my friends.

For the last two years I have been going away with my University, UTS, to a social trip at Thredbo and then to another Australian resort to compete in Snow University Games.

This year we were at Thredbo again for the games and I was competing in 4 events. I cleverly managed to break my back in my last event, slope style, by going off a 5ft jump and landing square on my bottom and jarring my spine. So now in a back brace for 8 weeks, what better to do then plan the next snow filled adventure.

We have decided we want to get all the cool people who love to party, love to get ina  full days skiing, love a laugh and love to travel, to head over to NZ for a week of madness. We’re even going to get T-shirts made, plan theme nights and have challenges. It’s really very similar to our social trip but adding that exclusivity of deciding who goes!

So I will be blogging about resorts, best airlines and best times to travel to Queenstown’s ski resorts!

Enjoy the last of the season any shred heads out there!

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