June 1st 2009 

So 3 days and counting since my last big Adventure ended. Do I feel strange…. Not at all. It’s surprising how easily I can jump back in. I have already attended a party, a dinner and been to good old Northies to surprise more friends. I spent the day at work yesterday and today I slept in and did some washing. HAHAH who would have thought 3 weeks ago I was running around Miami beach, 2 months ago looking at Ruins in Tulum overlooking the ocean, the month before that partying in one of the most heavily populated cities in the world Mexico City and 3 months before that meeting my African Sponsor child in a remote Masai Village in Tanzania. I guess it’s going to take a few days or weeks to kick in and truly realise the joyful, wondrous, amazing and incredible experiences I have had.


It’s important to also note that I did have some tough times along the way.  I lost 2 grandparents within 2 months, I had a few run ins with professors, I had to study and do assignments, I was unable to contact an organisation which nearly meant I didn’t get to meet my child, and don’t even mention the number of times I DID or nearly missed a flight, bus or boat! BUT I MADE IT! And these experiences have taught me so much and only make me want to do more and continue on the many adventures yet to be had!!

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