May 14-16 2009



Well, if you are not going to a theme park in Orlando…. Don’t go to Orlando.


I’m serious.!


I walked 7 miles and if you don’t want to buy ridiculous souvenirs, cheap electronics, eat oversized portions, take a spin in a go-kart or play miniature golf- then you have nothing to do.


Downtown is way far away from the theme parks and the airport, and although it is pretty, there really isn’t much going on.


Daytona Beach and the NASCAR Speedway are very cool though  I had a great day eating taffy and ice cream on the boardwalk. I was then star photographer as I watched my bro drive a NASCAR at an average of 147 miles per hour around the track 3 times. He is a natural. Ver proud when he won fastest lap. We then spent the afternoon watching the sunset and  enjoying a nice seafood dinner on the pier at Crabby Joes.


James went to Kennedy Space Centre the next day but I chose to hang out and chill at our cool and cheap hostel/ hotel with pool and my new Israeli friends. However we were slightly interrupted as it proceeded to THUNDER AND LIGHTNING- breaking all expectations of the Sunshine state that is Florida.


So that night we enjoyed a few rowdy sessions of Karaoke under a small umbrella as the rain poured down and the booze flowed. My isreali friend Gad Damjit ( sounds much like GOD DAMMIT…. Best name I have ever heard) tried to hold a conversation with me but the wailings of the hostel owner and his friend were far too distracting. A good night had by all…. And rest needed for the next couple of days!

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