This was an extended visit in the USA which came about due to the Swine flu somewhat interrupting my plans. 


We pick up here as I am leaving my beloved Mexico where I was doing a 5 month exchange, and we arrive in Houston, Texas….. The adventure continues…


26th April 2009 


So the plans changed a little towards the end as could be expected when A KILLER VIRUS unleashes its wrath on the country you are staying in and you decided to GET THE HELL OUT. Ok…. Perhaps a little melodramatic, especially as we were running around having water fights in our face masks, but still a serious time. From the Sunday morning to the Sunday night 26th April, my whole little Monterrey El Tec De Monterrey bubble had been popped and we were left with killer virus, a closed school and no idea of our plans.

Honestly, this was a scary and sad time. We had our jokes and our fun but I really didn’t wanna stick around to see whether borders closes and any more deaths occurred- so after more than a few tears we headed for THE BORDER! Into the safety… wait “safety”, of the United States of America! Yeehah! First stop HOUSTON, TEXAS.



 I stayed here with a friend from Tec de Monterrey and the 2 Columbian boys at their sisters house. We had lunches, dinners ( so good to order a salad and get a salad) shopping in enormous malls, driving on enormous roads and browsing enormous museums. Everything in Texas is BIG it’s true. And if they can stick a flag on something, they will.

I was in Houston for 5 days with my friends and we took it very easy, catching up on sleep, meeting some new friends, laying in the parks, watching latino Americano films and going to a few night clubs and a day dance festival. But I was still mourning the loss of my semester in Mexico and missing my family, so it was time to head to Roscoe, Illinois to meet up with my cousin and my big brother.

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