Where I’m at!
So Here I am, Saturday morning in the CE TEC (computer building) so basically I’m at home. I have a lot of work to organise before I go away next Friday for 17 days. When I’m away I hope to do a few little updates on my facebook blog every 2 days, then I won’t have to sit down like this and rack my brains for the amazing activities. The upcoming Spring break is scary. It means that when we come back we start preparing for finals and that we only have 6 short weeks left.. well I do. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. At the same time – Things that happened 2 months ago, feels like 6 months ago, so much has happened here! It’s incredible. 
School is going well. The work is pretty basic, just consistent. I have to do a presentation nearly every week for advertising, and we seem to have exam periods every 3 weeks. I’m sitting on about 96% for 2 of my subjects though- UNTHINKABLE IN AUSTRALIA! hahaha. This week I will also be starting the first ever 85Broads chapter here in Mexico. It’s a lot of work but this amazing club needs to be here. Tec De Monterrey has great facilities and resources for the students and this group can really benefit the women here. Exciting, a lot of work – but ya’ll no me¿ I love it.
Oh and I got a job hahahah SURPRISE SURPRISE. I have been helping on a Facebook group as a promoter of fiestas/parties in and around Monterrey and this weekend I helped a mate organise a CATAMARAN PARTY- will report back next week! So the local club has asked me to work as a promoter. Basically, go there, party and get 2 x1 drinks always. More friends I go with, the more fun I have, the more money I get. Life is hard I tell ya 😉
In general, really happy here. A few hours of grumpyness here or there when maybe my coffee takes too long or I have to deal with IMMIGRATION AGAIN, but otherwise Mexico is living the dream!

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