• Catamaran party – Ummm so cool! See the pics! 60 people on a boat on a  lake surrounded by mountins, drinking, dj, sunset – oh and it was $27 Aussie HAHAHA muy barato! So cheap!


  • Jackie James, Adair’s best Aussie mate, coming to visit in Monterrey- loca chica! Crazy times were had – including a night at a concert, meeting some new Mexican friends and drinking until sunrise before heading to IHOP for breakfast!


  • Beth, my American friend from Texas who I met at Australian Unigames, coming to stay with me for 5 days and me feeling obliged to show her ALL that Mexico has to offer- and we did!! Thanks for helping me see my city babe!


  • Our friend being pulled over by the police for his headlights being dodgy, him having an attitude problem, his car getting towed and then my friend from class rocking up randomly cos he saw a blonde girl on the side of the highway- go figure!


  • Hanging out with my New Mexican friend in his brothers recording studio- and perhaps helping the band to promote themselves.
  • …..  yes there is a theme here, most things happen at parties!


  • Being asked if we were Canadian or American by 2 sweet girls having a bet at the movies


  • Walking home from the cinema and seeing a sleeping man on the street, dogs barking and being shouted at from cars- REMINDER We live in Mexico!


  • nearly forgot….. BACKSTREET BOYS!!! I went to see my childhood hearthrobs- who I am again in love with as they crooned away to all my old faves- well actually I would have liked a few more but hey- Nick is crazy, AJ got fat and bald, Brian is now like a country singer and Howie got hot! go figure!


  • BEACH PARTY -my Aussie boys, drew, Paul and Simon, yet again decided to throw an EPIC PARTY!! Firebreathers, red and green lights over the entire apartment complex, a dj, mini pools all over the terrace, THE HOT DOG MAN (see pics below) and probably well over 400 people- more I’m guessing,. And the most disgraceful mess in the morning WOO WOO! Good work boys!


  • Watching my friends in their band, Mexicans, RADIO ANDRES! So great. And they came and performed in my school. I really like their music and want to help them with PR….. haha always working.

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