2nd February

Today we were off to Nagarkot, a mountain famous for it’s view of the sunrise and sunset. I had to be up and ready by freakin 5am!!!! I was not a happy bunny. But I knew it would be worth it once we were there.


Still feeling unwell, I was quiet in the car and just stared out the window into the darkness. As we travelled on shapes started to form and as we got higher up the mountain I could see the crests and falls of the valley and the surrounding farm areas. The road got narrower and narrower as we climbed steeper and steeper. I had fath in Sundar’s ability though as he has travelled this road many times. To see the more rural areas of Nepal was nice but it was still dark and we were in fact racing the sun.


Once there we waited in the lovely tea house as the outline of the mountains solely started to reveal with each more ray of sunlight. IT was so exciting to see the day start like this and I shared the moment with the little boy who worked at the house Gautem. He was 12 but had never got to see this part of his country before. I was glad to share that with him. And the sunrise was breathtaking, every minute was more beautiful then the last and it was a truly magical experience. When the sun actually appeared, it resembled the top of a little face, popping up over the clouds shyly, and then slowly revealing himself as he becomes more confident. Once confidence is fully gaines, he within seconds jumps up and shares his light with all the world. We stayed for an hour, until the skies were compelteyl blue and the sun was in it’s place for the morning.


 On the drive back down we were able to see all the villages and the step farming that I heard so much about in the mountains. Also as it was a clear day, we were able to se the outlines of the mountains, even a few snow capped ones, which gave me a little thrill.

The sun rising up was still radiating in my brain, and hopefully those beautiful sights as well as the photos will ontinue to keep those moments in my memory for a longtime after.

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