So here I am, again, in the UK. Today was a sad day as it was the funeral of my beloved Grandpa- Jack! It was actually a beautiful service and although its tragic that we have lost such a wonderful man, it was good timing that i could be here with my family to bid him farewell.

So This trip has many many stops- 4 of which are already complete:
– South Africa, Cape Town
– Kenya, Nairobi
– Tanzania, Arusha
– England, London- and everywhere.

Tomorrow I am off to Munich and Nuremberg in Germany to visit a friend Tobi and my cousin Evelyn. Then back to the UK until New Years Day when I fly at 7.45am!!!! to MEXICO.
I will live in Mexico for 5 months and study at El Tec de Monterrey in the North of Mexico. I am studying Business but using my electives so I will study whatever I feel like… still to be decided.

So I have already had some amazing experiences and will jot down just a few.
– Patting Cheetahs in Cape Town at Spier Vineyards
– Sunbaking on the windiest beach ever in 36 degree heat with Atlantic icy waters, so no swimming
– Christmas Party with loads of SAFA’s- my friend Brydi’s lovely family
– Adopting an Elephant in Nairobi- baby Kimana
– Making out with a Giraffe- seriously- it kissed me!
– Experiencing massive culture shock in my 2m x 3m hotel room in Nairobi
– Crying when embracing my cousins again after 2 years of not seeing them – back in UK
– Holding a croc and watching them being fed in Nairobi


The most rewarding and amazing experience of my life- hands down. A real Masai tribe in a village 48 km off the main road – basically in the bushy desert. This little boy touched my heart, and after 4 years of sponsorship I got to meet him. To have a parent look you in the eye and say thank you and know that you are making a difference… no words can describe.

A quick note, just to let you know where I’m at!

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