26th  January 2006, Friday –AUSTRALIA DAY

Well i got to my very very Aussie mates place at 9.30 in the morning for Aussie  breakkie fry up and Aussie indoor games as it was about 3 degrees outside.

We started drinking very cheap wine at 11am after watching a very Aussie movie, CHOPPER! The rest of the gang got home about lunchtime, Shaun, Steve, Hoy, Bruiser, Jackie and her couple of friends, and we started drinking the FOSTERS- always a good start to the day… or not.

After much messing about we headed to the tube station and annoyed most of the passengers on the train with our loud remditions of Australian folk songs.

Then it was off to the Walkabout, a very Aussie bar. Only to be confronted with a 2 hour long wait and 150 metre line! No thanks! It had been packed since 9am hahaha, no one was leaving!

So after a quick team think, minor argument and many options being crossed off, we decided to to run off and find somewhere else! Not so easy with 13 people in cabs. We eventually settled on a sports bar which was pretty dead when we arrived but as people started to finish work it got VERY busy!

Drinking games, Mr and Miss Australia Competition- complete with mullets and stubbies, buckets of VB’s, many a fosters and rum and cokes followed. of course typical Aussie songs and very bad dancing was also involved!

And with all this Australian NAtionalism going on, I did really really start to miss home  and of course today made me remember how much I love Australia. So it’s not so bad that I was to be going home only a few short weeks later after 1 year away. MY ANNIVERSARY TODAY!

 4 of us headed home about 2AM after a mighty celbratory day. Catching the night bus, only after a stop to Maccy D’s – quarter pounder mmmm and then an eventful night bus ride with many other drunkeds on a friday night HHAHAH and stopping at some of the boys flat next door for excellent home made burgers!!

Australia day in London was tops!

Certainly a must to see your special day celebrated with your people in a completely foreign place!

But I still call Australia home 😉

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